is a brand. A group of companies operates under the brand, which provide in particular services based on trainings and information on capital markets, cryptocurrency, ICT start-ups and arbitration.


1.2. Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions refers to all companies operating within the group, as indicated in 1(3) herein, subject to a description of a particular Service, the provision covers solely described Service.


1.3. Service provider


The Controller and the Service Provider of the indicated websites are the following entities:


1)    www.cf-asset.com ;



1.4. Contact

Contact with the Service Provider is available at: [email protected]

1.5. Registration


The Registration is accessible via https://www.cf-asset.com, thus the User is granted access to all of the websites indicated in 1(3) herein. The User may participate in the Partner Program in line with the Marketing Plan of each website.




2.1. Subject of the Service


Through the Websites the User is offered access to and use of the Service in


accordance herewith and the information provided on the site, as well as any


additional terms and conditions published by the Service Provider, and in


particular the User is bound by the Marketing Plan. The User is allowed to use


the Service provided as a part of the User Account in accordance with conditions


specified in the Marketing Plan.


2.2. Scope of the Services


CRYPTOFARM is a team of professional managers, traders, analysts working on the


scope of capital markets, cryptocurrency stock exchange market, alternative


investments, ICT start-up investments, and education. Within the scope of the


CRYPTOFARM Website there is a possibility to gain knowledge of above matters,


suitable to available services.


2.3. Right to commission


The User has right to obtain commission in accordance with the Marketing Plan,


included herein as a the Partnership Program.


2.4. Definitions


Password - unique string of characters created by the User, granting access to


the User’s account;


Login - the User’s name used for identification, jointly with the Password,


necessary for authorisation during accessing the Website


User Account -  collections and competences assigned to the User within the


scope of the Website, includes data necessary for authorisation and for using


the Services;


Marketing Plan - a document specifying access to the Services and using the


Partnership Program;


Registration - an activity of the Website based on opening the User’s Account


and defining the Login, and the Password, and other registration fields;


Information and Communication Technologies System - a system of ICT


equipment and software providing processing and storage, as well as sending


and receiving data via ICT networks using the appropriate type of ICT ending




Content - all content and services are published in the Platform;


User - a natural person, a legal person, an organizational unit without legal


personality to whom the Law assign legal capacity, who manages business or


acts professional, or has appropriate competences on the basis of national law


to participate in the Website, if applicable in the place of (usual) residence;


Premium User - a user who has purchased any of the Package specified in the


Marketing Plan.





3.1. The User


The agreement shall be concluded by natural persons, legal persons and other


organizational units to whom the Law assign legal capacity. The age of majority



is determined by the law of the country in which the User originates.


Registration is free of charge, so the User shall access the functionality of the


Website. A minor is allowed to become the User if he or she has a legal


guardian's consent. In case of doubt as to the age of majority, the Service


Provider may verify this status by requesting the submission of relevant


supporting documents. Access to the platform and conclusion of the Agreement


for the provision of electronic services is not available to natural persons, legal


entities and organizational units from the Republic of Italy.


3.2. Agreement


By registration the User concludes the agreement of provision of services by


electronic means and confirms acknowledging hereof, and especially:


1)  The scope of the Service;

2)  Marketing Plans;

3)  Lack of necessity of inviting new members to the Website;


4)  Conditions and means of payment;

5)  Lack of profit guarantee and presence of risk specified herein.

3.3. Registration fields

The  registration  is  solely  online  and  requires  providing  information,  i.e.


1)  Name;

2)  Surname;

3)  E-mail;

4)  Password;

5)  Country.


3.4. Registration Process


The user is obliged to fill the required registration fields in the registration form


in a complete and correct manner and then confirm the activation of the link


sent by the Service Provider. If the User does not purchase within 48 hours of


registering any service with a value of at least €120, the Service Provider has the


right to remove or suspend the account. However, the User is not obliged to


purchase the Service in any way, it is a free choice, and withdrawal is not subject


to any penalty. In connection with the registration procedure, the User is


obliged in particular to:



Confirming acknowledging hereof (The Terms and Conditions of Service



Provision), accepting the terms and agreeing to processing of personal



data and to receive marketing information via electronic means;



Confirming acknowledging the conditions of membership in CRYPTOFARM,



including the Marketing Plan, and accepting the lack of necessity of



inviting new members to the Website, and the fact that the Service



Provider does not guarantee profits, and the presence of risk connected



with financial markets and cryptocurrency.


3.5. Finished Registration


Once registered, the User is able to personalize the account by posting a photo


or avatar. This activity cannot be contrary hereto, applicable law and good


morals. The Service Provider, as a result of violation hereof, breach of law or


violation of good morals, reserves the right to remove the posted image or




3.6. Duration of the Agreement


The Agreement is concluded for unspecified period of time. The User is allowed


to terminate the Agreement sending a notice via the Service Provider’s E-mail.


The User has the right to request the removal of any of own data by sending the


appropriate notice from the User’s Account to the Service Provider's E-mail, and


the Service Provider is allowed to retain the necessary information to identify


the User, in the event of claims or inquiries of authorities, and to settlement.


The contract expires at the latest from the moment of the User’s death, but the



to the account are allowed to be inherited to carry out inheritance


proceedings. The right to obtain User's right is granted by the Service Provider on the basis of required documents for that purpose.


3.7. Termination of the Agreement


CRYPTOFARM reserves the right to terminate the agreement on grounds of an important reason with extraordinary rendition or disabling activities within the Partnership Program, if applicable to CRYPTOFARM activity, especially on grounds of violation hereof, and:


1)    Information dissemination that may negatively influence activities of the Company, in particular, if User takes legal or extrajudicial proceedings against CRYPTOFARM;


2)    Information dissemination inconsistent herewith and the policy of the Company, including especially “hate”;

3)    When the User do not insures activities sufficiently within CRYPTOFARM;


4)    The User has been sentenced (final judgement), bankruptcy or agreement proceedings have been opened against the User;


5)    Stating that inviting other members is sufficient to profit;


6)    Omitting information of lack of profit guarantee and risk in presentations on CRYPTOFARM;

7)    Misleading potential users about the purpose of CRYPTOFARM;


8)    In a situation when the law of the State proper for the User prohibits or significantly limits the activity of enterprises from the cryptocurrency or MLM industries, as well if the authorities of User State, according to the law


applicable to the User, charge to CRYPTOFARM allegations regarding the activity. In the above-mentioned cases, the Service Provider is not obliged to refund funds for purchased products and services.




4.1. CRYPTOFARM Intended Use


Each User obliges to use the Website in accordance with its purpose, applicable law, social and moral norms and the provisions hereof. The User is obliged to protect own personal passwords and logins from third parties access. The User’s primary goal should be to use knowledge acquisition services.

4.1a. Product and Service Scope of the Website


The scope of Products and Services of a particular website, in which the User is interested, is specified directly on the website and its Marketing Plan. Before any purchase, the User shall read the specification and make sure that purchased Product and Service are really needed.


4.1b. CRYPTOFARM Platform


CRYPTOFARM, accessible via www.cf-asset.com, is an Internet training platform concerning, in particular, capital and currency markets, cryptocurrency, ICT start-ups and cryptocurrency arbitration. CRYPTOFARM is a team of professional managers, traders and analysts. Within the CRYPTOFARM Website there is a possibility to gain knowledge of the above matters, accordingly to available Products and Services.







4.2. Premium User


The User accesses particular Service by purchasing one of the Package specified in the Marketing Plan. Purchasing the Package, the User is granted the right to obtain commision. The Partnership Program is specified in § 5.

4.3. Press Enquiry


The User shall not answer any press enquiries regarding CRYPTOFARM, especially its Marketing Plan and the Service. The User is obliged to inform the Service Provider about all enquiries immediately or to get consent to provide answers with suggested content.

4.4. Right to the Account and Multi-account Ban


The User must not share the Account with others, transferring account rights, or any other form of sharing a part of or all of the Account. The User is allowed to have only one account on the Website (multi-account ban).





5.1. Additional Feature


Detailed information on the Partnership Program of a given Website (one of the website specified in 1(3) herein) is included in the Marketing Plan and the following provisions shall explain the rules the Plans are based on. The primary purpose of CRYPTOFARM is to enable the User to use services available on Websites, so The Partnership Program is an additional feature that allows the User to profit from the business activity. The condition of the User's participation in the CRYPTOFARM Partnership Program is its exclusive operation. The User may operate in another company based on the MLM model only if he has the written consent of the Service Provider. In the event of breaking this prohibition, he is not entitled to receive a commission or any other benefits, and any commission paid since the breach of this provision shall be returned to the Service Provider.


5.2. Marketing Plan


The CRYPTOFARM Marketing Plan, including all provisions, is an integral part of the Agreement. The Marketing Plan includes the main principles of participating in the Partnership Program with exemplary calculations.


5.3. Premium User Activity


The Premium User is not an employee, agent, contractor, or representative, and there are no guidelines for the obligatory the Service provision to gain profit. The User is not subject to any instructions of kind, place, activity and scope of business activity, and the User is solely responsible for compliance with applicable regulations, including tax regulations, as well as obtaining the right to conduct business activity, if applicable in a given legal system according to the activity performed by a particular person. The CRYPTOFARM Service is, in principle,


for all the Users, and to use the Partnership Program the User shall hold an entrepreneur status, unless specific provisions states otherwise or the scope of the activity does not meet the requirements. The User is responsible for own activity and its risks and activities are based on the voluntary Registration. Except for the conclusion of an Agreement on Service Provision by Electronic Means, the User is not (in principle) bound to any other legal relationship with CRYPTOFARM, in particular including, labor law relations or other, unless the mutual relations of the Parties have been established on the basis of separate written agreements or settlements.


5.3a. Selling structure


The Premium User is allowed to invite to CRYPTOFARM others to distribute products and Services provided by the Service Provider. After creating and maintaining structure focused on selling and caring about gather Users, the Premium User gets commission defined beforehand on turnover generated by User’s Structure (Downline) The User, who not only distributes the goods and Services, but also has established own distribution network, agrees and acknowledges that commissions and commissions provisions are applicable if qualifications specified in the Marketing Plan are maintained and improved. If a particular qualification has not been obtained or prepared within the specified period, the Premium User shall not be entitled to commissions for the specified period or


Educational Plan  IS CONNECTED

WITH                                                shall be entitled only to part of the commissions related to turnover generated

SELLING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES        by own Structure. The user receives commissions only if the amount to be settled does not exceed twice his binary package (accruals are not made for the exceeded values). If the User (under another User) in the distribution structure purchases a package that will cause the commission amount to exceed the Educational package twice, then the commission is due only to the amount of twice the value of the package. The following example is the model in which this provision should be understood: If I own a package for €120 and the User has purchased a package for €240, I receive 4% of the €240, but if User buys a package for $400, I get a commission from $200. Qualification criteria shall be specified in the Marketing Plan, which is an integral part hereof.


5.4. Educational Plan


By purchasing a Educational Plan, the User buys educational product and concludes a contract for obtaining commissions from selling products and services. The User can receive profits as a commission according to the daily percentage calculation (0.2-0.4%) and from the Unilevel (direct bonus). With funds from the product purchased by the User, the Service Provider retains a part to pay a commission with at least the minimum value specified in the Terms and Conditions and the Marketing Plan. From the remaining part of the funds being a profit from the sale of products and services, the Service Provider launches new projects and finances current ones. If the project succeeds, Users receive increased commissions. The Service Provider does not use Users' funds for trading, does not manage their funds, and does not burden them with risk. In the case of purchase products and services by Users, the Service Provider becomes the sole owner of the funds.






By purchasing a Educational Plan, the User buys educational product and concludes a contract for the lease of mining machine as a part of mining power and obtaining profits from mining cryptocurrencies and other commissions specified in the marketing plan. The User gets a bonus for every Educational Plan and for every direct partner. Products related to the educational platform are available along with the Educational Planes. Detailed rules of educational operations, their types, values, duration, and benefits are specified in the Marketing Plan called Educational Plan, available from the User Account level.



5.7. Educational Plan tree


The User owns the Structure. The User is allowed to invite others using direct link. Commissions are calculated on trading spot and paid at 4. Commissions are granted only to verified Users. Two active Users are required for verification. The maximum amount of commission that can be obtained and paid to the Premium User is the equivalent of € 15,000 weekly. The maximum one-time payment is the equivalent of € 10,000.


5.8. Control Panel


The Premium User purchasing the Package, besides the Service access, is entitled to fully functional and equipped Control Panel, which enables up-to-date and extensive specification of own Account, including EUR Wallet, Mining Wallet, Educational Plan, Total withdrawal and Total Deposits.


5.9. Inviting New Users


The Service Provider states, and the User acknowledges and accepts, that inviting new (other) Users within the Partnership Program is neither necessary






nor required to profit. Any possible information about the ways of obtaining profit including the benefits of inviting new Users shall not be interpreted as a required form for functioning in the System. Specifically, "All you have to do is to invite one person/another person" does not mean that it is necessary within the CRYPTOFARM Model. The User who has successfully invited (recruited) a new User gets the User into own Structure.


5.10. Rotator


In the event that a person registers directly via the Website, without any invitation to CRYPTOFARM, the system (rotator) shall randomly allocate the new User to one of the User’s Structures. Once allocated, the allotment shall not be changed manually. The assigned User does not have information in the system to which structure the User has been added.


5.11. Honesty Clause


The User and The Premium User acting within the CRYPTOFARM Partnership Program acknowledges and is obliged to:


1)    Inform about trainings and the Partnership Program appropriately including especially the nature of cryptocurrency market and its dynamic in the context of changes;

2)    Inform about lack of profit guarantee and existing risks;

3)    Inform about lack of necessity to invite new Users;


4)    In relations with others be guided to follow principles of honesty and proper treatment

5)    Not to apply misleading, dishonest, unfair activities and trading.

5.12. Competition Principle


The User is allowed compete with other Users by capturing Users within CRYPTOFARM (and those who are allowed to or will be registered). At the same time, the right to change the User by whom another User has been invited (to register a new account) is reserved. For this purpose, such a person shall first submit a request (notice) to the Service Provider to remove the User Account. In the event of violation of this condition the Service Provider is allowed to:


1)    Remove or temporary suspend the User Account of the persuaded and persuading User;

2)    Impose sanction on such Users up to their gathered financial means.

5.13. Use of CRYPTOFARM Trademark


The User has right to use the Company’s trademark (name) and logo (mark) and advertising materials, especially the Marketing Plan available within the Account, on conditions specified by the Service Provider. CRYPTOFARM trademark is allowed to be used on conditions specified in the Website, in compliance with:

1)    If the User advertises, publishes or uses the CRYPTOFARM trademark, the

User is obliged to add a statement “Independent CRYPTOFARM Partner”;


2)    If the User has created a website, which is solely concerned with CRYPTOFARM partnership or is described as one of several programs, the statement "Independent CRYPTOFARM Partner” shall be on the home page;


3)    If the User has used the domain name (in words) CRYPTOFARM, the Service Provider is allowed to request transfer of rights to the domain or change the content or structure of the website; The User shall not be in business relationship or in contact with other Users and




appear to be acting on behalf of CRYPTOFARM. In external relations the Premium User shall not use titles of "Leader", "Manager", "Director" or other similar titles, unless the Service Provider agrees and gives such a title. In the event of a breach of this provision, the Service Provider is allowed to warn the User, including the applicable sanctions, including the suspension/removal of the


Account. If there are any additional terms and conditions/guidelines/instructions for the Premium User they shall be applied accordingly. Such recommendations may include individual Users as well as specific groups.

5.14. Other Programs

The User is allowed to participate in other profit programs, however, if the

Services are similar to CRYPTOFARM it is forbidden to:

1)    Offer participating in other programs CRYPTOFARM Users


2)    Combine the CRYPTOFARM presentation with other presentations as one material (or following ones), unless the Service Provider has agreed.


In the event of promoting direct competition, CRYPTOFARM reserves the right to remove the User Account. Before deleting the Account, CRYPTOFARM call the User to discontinue such activity immediately. In the event of non-compliance with the call, CRYPTOFARM is entitled to exercise the right mentioned above.


5.15. Commissions


The company reserves that the means are in her possession as a part of the purchased CRYPTOFARM products and services, and the User has the right to commission only, as a result of participating in the Partnership Program. The User does not participate in profit distribution, especially, CRYPTOFARM does not manage the User’s fund – the whole operation model is based on commissions only.


5.16. Product Value/Service and Shipping


In particular Package, the value of Products and Services, besides right to obtain commissions, is the minimum price of the Package. At the moment of the purchase of Products and Services, the User acquires the right to obtain commission according to the total value of the purchased Package. All shipping costs (if any) will be borne by the User, unless stated otherwise, or unless the Service Provider has decided to cover the cost. This provision applies to physical products and advertising materials available on different markets.

5.18. Lack of Guarantee


CRYPTOFARM does not guarantee commissions higher than minimum described in Marketing Plans.

5.19. Risks


User acknowledges that cryptocurrencies may violently or significantly loses value and the User may receive commissions lower than he or she expected.


5.20. Bonus Calculation

Bonuses are calculated once per 24 hours on 7/7 day

LOSES VALUE, THE USER MAY RECEIVE     at variable percentage calculation (up to 0.20% total as a general rule


BONUSES LOWER THAN EXPECTED.        defined in the Marketing Plan). Upon expiration of the Premium Package, the User is disabled to receive bonuses. The examples included in the marketing plan are a samples of the situation, when calculation is 0.40% per day during 365 days.             This time may be longer.


5.21. CRYPTOFARM Activities


The Company does not publish information about the activities since the activities on the markets constitute a trade secrecy. CRYPTOFARM may introduce general reports for the Premium User and detailed reports for the Supervisory Board (Trust Board) selected from the Premium User, which is a group to determine the financial position - the rating of the Company (in terms of cryptocurrency).


5.22. Account Verification


The Service Provider is allowed to require verification of the User, in compliance with applicable anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations. In particular, the verification may consist of confirming the User's data with a valid identity card (containing the identification number and date of birth), receipt of an invoice for his data not older than 3 months and and explaining transactions by the User, including also sending a photo/photos of the User, which presents in the background a well-known place from the area of User’s place of residence. If the verification is not completed properly, the right to commission shall be suspended until the procedure is completed.



6.1. Unit of Payments


CRYPTOFARM processes payments only in cryptocurrency, in principles USDC, and other may be entered into the system with the User consent. To make a payment, the User enters the address of own wallet to the User Account and the value of the payment in EURO.

6.2. Fee and Transaction Time


The fee of 5% is charged for each payment, which reduces the transfered value of the cryptocurrency to the User Wallet. Transaction time is up to several days.

6.3. Prolongation


Package (training services with right to obtain commission) as well as part of the Educational Plan have a specified validity term and after the term, the User makes a free choice of repurchasing for a further period of time. CRYPTOFARM declares and the User acknowledges that the Company is allowed to terminate (suspend) settlement and validity of Packages/Educational Plan for a specified term of up to 3 months. In this case, the Educational Plans and the Packages are prolonged by this time. CRYPTOFARM is allowed to make such a suspension when the cryptocurrency mining drops below the profitability limit, or if the BitCoin or Ethereum value in US Dollars or Euro drops below a half of the highest quoted value in one calendar year, according to the BitBay data.


6.4. Minimum Payment Value


Payments below the minimum threshold of €120 shall not be processed. All commissions below this amount shall be held on the Eur Balance Account managed by the User and paid after the specified threshold has been reached.




7.1. Sanctions


Any violation provisions hereof, at the discretion of the Service Provider in accordance with the scale of violation, shall result in warning, suspension, removal of the Account or remission of obtained means. If the User has taken steps that are not prohibited hereby, but are understood by the Service Provider

                                                   to be harmful or unwelcome, the Service Provider shall notify the User via email, and demand to discontinue such activity immediately and remedy the default.


Lack of User’s reaction or failure to respond to the Service Provider's demand is a violation hereof.


7.2. Exemption


The Parties exempt the liability of the Service Provider and the Trainers for any damages resulting from the way in which the User uses CRYPTOFARM and services provided within the Website. CRYPTOFARM is not registered as an investment advisor or stockbroker. The Services provided by CRYPTOFARM should not be seen as investment advice or recommendation from the Company or from companies related on the basis of purchasing, selling or holding a particular security, financial product or instrument that is related to such an investment.


7.3. Account Access


Any results of unauthorized acquisition of the Password to the User Account by the third parties is not liability of the Service Provider. In particular, it applies if the User logs on to the Website from different locations, or if the User Account is registered by other person / User. Opening the Account within the Website for other person constitutes a particularly flagrant violation hereof, due to the will of the Service Provider to honestly inform each person about the conditions of joining CRYPTOFARM and rules of the company activity.

7.4. Hyperlink


In the case of placing hyperlinks of other entities on the Website, the Service Provider reserves that the Service Provider does not influence the content or contents of such web pages, does not verify or interfere with the manner of business activity, privacy policy of owners or administrators of these and it is recommended to acknowledge with terms and conditions and other documents, in particular concerning data processing.


7.5. Rights to the Website


All rights to the Website and all its elements (including software, functional layout, graphics, databases and works presented within the Website) belong to the Service Provider.


7.6. Authorized Personal Use


The User shall use the content on the Website for authorized personal use and for the purposes of the Partnership Program . Any use of the content of the Website not constituting hereinabove is prohibited and constitutes an violation of copyright and hereof.





8.1. Form of the Report

The User and third parties are allowed to report infringement and complaints to

the   Service   Provider    e-mail   address.   The   Service   Provider    specifically

recommends reporting any violation of the law by another User, or any violation

of the law with regards to the Website content, or any abnormalities related to

operation of the Website, especially the User recommends using CRYPTOFARM as a

profit website and not an educational one. Reports shall be made using the

provided form in the Support tab.

8.2. Content of the Report

The report shall include the required fields specified in the form, in particular

the following:

1)  type of the report

2)  designation of the reporting person whose rights have been infringed or


who has a legal or factual interest in the notifying, including the e-mail

address, name and surname;

3)  detailed description of law violation.

REPORTING VIA SUPPORT                   A notification, that does not meet certain requirements, shall not be treated as

a credible notification of unlawful or violating hereof.

8.3. Response

The Service Provider shall provide information after examining the notification

within 30 (say: thirty) days of its submission. The response to the notification

shall be sent to the notifier address, which has been submitted in the

application. The Service Provider reserves the right to extend the above term by

a maximum of 30 (say: thirty) days in the event of identification of the

notification requires special messages or encountering obstacles independent of

the Service Provider, in particular such as equipment failures or the Internet

network. Furthermore, the Service Provider reserves that the examination of


the notification may require additional explanations from the notifier - the

duration of the response shall be extended accordingly each. In the event of a

completely unjustified notification or two unjustified notifications, the User shall

be subject to a $20 fine. If the Support is forced to charged the User in

connection with violations hereof or User’s activity within CRYPTOFARM, in addition

to the warning the minimum penalty shall be at least $20.

8.4. Response Form

Submitting the User’s complaint electronically is equivalent to agreeing to

receive a response from the Service Provider also in electronic form.




11.1. System Operation


The Service Provider ensures the operation of the ICT system which is used in such a way that the User is allowed to terminate the use of the Service provided by electronic means at any time.

11.2. Cryptographic Techniques


The provider shall ensure the operation of the ICT system which is use in such a way as to prevent unauthorized access to the content of the transmission of electronic services, in particular using cryptographic techniques.


11.3. Competent Entity


The Service Provider shall provide unambiguous identification of the parties of electronic service and due diligence to ensure the User of the competent entity who provides a product or service within the Website.


11.4. Technical Risk


The Service Provider states that the use of electronic services may entail a technical risks, classic for the use of ICT systems. In case of the Partnership Program , the User shall protect electronic communication and devices from unauthorized access, including in particular, the installation of anti-virus software.


11.5. Function and Purpose of Software


Updated information about the function and purpose of the software or data that are not part of the content of the electronic service entered into the ICT system used by the User (cookies) is contained in the Privacy Policy of the website.

11.6. System Requirements


In order to use the Service provided within the Website, the User shall meet the following technical requirements necessary for cooperation with the ICT system of the Service Provider: using a device enabling the use of the Internet, connection to the Internet, using a browser enabling the display of web pages, e.g. Internet Explorer versions 5.5 and higher, Opera versions 7 and higher, Firefox versions 1 and higher, Google Chrome 5.0 and higher, Safari 5 or higher with cookies setting enabled, SSL and JavaScript enabled encryption, and an active e-mail account (e-mail). To withdraw it is necessary to own a wallet address to receive cryptocurrency.


11.7. Problem Diagnosis


The Service Provider reserves the right to intervene in the technical structure of the User Account to diagnose irregularities in the operation of the Service, and is allowed to change or affect the technical side of the User Account in any manner to modify or restore the correct operation of the User Account or the Website.





12.1. Amendments


CRYPTOFARM has the right to change the Regulations, Marketing Plan and principles of operation in the Partnership Program without giving a reason in an immediate manner, in particular to comply with applicable laws, including AML regulations. In the complementary field, the question and answers contained in the FAQ are an integral part of the Regulations. The Service Provider shall notify


the User of amendments in a visible place on the Website either by sending an e-mail to the User or directly by the message available in the User Account (in the User Panel). If the user does not agree hereto, the User is allowed to remove the User Account.


12.2. Complementing and Information


No legal basis or incomplete of any of the provisions contained herein does not mean that the entire agreement is legally void. These provisions shall be changed to the ones that best reflect meaning and purpose. It is stated that the Supervisory Board (Trust Board) referred hereto is not and will not be a formally established entity in the Company, but the Management Board shall comply with its recommendations/opinions/notices. The purpose of this body is to adopt sound transparency in the activity of CRYPTOFARM.


12.3. Disputes (Clause of Jurisdiction and Court Choice)


Any disputes arising herein are applicable to the legislation based on general principles, and the parties reserves that if it is possible to apply principles of international law, the Service Provider has the right to choose the court and competent law. The basic principle is the choice of law. Before taking legal measures, the Service Recipient shall call the Service Provider and specify the claim, and then in 30 days the Service Provider shall respond and choose the competent court and law.


12.4. Transformations and Transfer of Rights


The User agrees to the transformations, legal changes and transfer of rights from the Service Provider to another entity. In particular, the User agree that the premises of CRYPTOFARM are allowed to be transferred to another country, including through creating a completely new company. Assignment of rights and claims is prohibited between the Parties in other cases.


12.5. Suspending and Terminating the Service Provision


In specific cases that affect the security or stability of the ICT system, the Service Provider reserves the right to temporarily suspend or restrict the provision of the Service without prior notice to the User. In particular, the Service Provider is entitled to conduct maintenance work to restore security and stability of the ICT system. The User has no claims as a result of suspension or termination of the Services by the Service Provider. The Service Provider is also allowed to terminate the service perma